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The Coast to Coast Group provides property management services for hundreds of houses in the Metro Detroit area. Coast to Coast is a complete turnkey solution to investors who want a no hassle investing solution. Coast to Coast will find investment opportunities, rehab houses, place renters and maintain the properties. The trained staff is available around the clock to take incoming requests for maintenance and dispatch trusted experts to repair the home. The Coast to Coast Group also specializes in preparing houses for Section 8 certification. They have rehabilitated houses to Section 8 standards which were previously abandoned in a time sensitive and cost effective manner. If you are looking for turnkey homes serviced by a property management specialist then call Coast to Coast today.

Whether locally or abroad and whether you have one property or thousands, you need a property management company with experience to handle the job and one you can trust with your investments. The Coast to Coast Group is your answer.  Call us today for a free quote and analysis of your portfolio.

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A house that looks good and is renovated correctly will rent faster, more consistently, and have less turnover. This is because the tenants will have a house they can call home and take pride in. We can take care of any renovation needs your investment property might need. We do all of our renovations to a high standard including:

  • Servicing the Mechanical Systems
  • Replacing roofs or cleaning roofs that are only a few years old and have good life
  • Adding decorative lights, matching faceplates, and replacing switches on the interior
  • Replacing countertops in kitchens and vanities in bathrooms
  • Replacing old plumbing and electrical systems per inspections
  • Adding new shower heads, faucets, supply lines, etc to plumbing fixtures
  • Checking crawlspaces
  • Conducting thorough electrical inspections
  • Adding decorative landscaping to the exterior to give the house additional curb appeal