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Experience you don’t need to have.

Researching is an essential step in any investment. However, research pales in comparison to experience. Travis Bronik, founder of the Coast to Coast Group, has been both the investor and the litigator on behalf of landlords. Let his experience work for you.

Whether this is your first property or your thousandth The Coast to Coast Group provides a unique perspective on real estate investment. Providing proven business models to investors to help them find higher yielding properties. Travis prides himself on his approachability, accessibility, and transparency with investors. He is always available to provide honest and frank advice. Put him in your corner.

  • Do you have cash ready to invest?

    Looking for alternative investments outside of traditional stocks and bonds.  We are avid investors with hundreds of properties in our portfolio. We bring our pool of experience in one of our excellent consulting packages.

  • Do you need to turn over bad investments?

    We have the experience to turn over poor performing investments and turn them into good investments.

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